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Since 2005, the dedicated team at Flawless Hair Design has been delivering outstanding service to the clients in the Regina area, all within a welcome salon setting. With a collective experience exceeding 70 years, our stylists are fully prepared to help you attain your desired look and elevate your confidence to new heights. Additionally, a majority of our stylists hold Journey Person Certification and possess expertise in various facets of the industry, guaranteeing you satisfaction with every visit.

At Flawless Hair Design, we firmly believe that experience and exceptional customer service are inseparable. Our entire team is committed to making sure you feel at ease and thoroughly enjoy your visit. Get to know our dedicated staff, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to book your next appointment.



Journeyperson Hair Stylist

Introducing Lesley, an accomplished hairstylist with over 27 years of experience in the industry. Her eduring passion for hairstyling has been a driving force since she first started on this creative journey. Lesley’s dedicaton to the art of hair began with her graduation from Richard’s Beauty College in 1996, marking the inception of a rewarding career that remains as vibrant as ever.

In 2001, Lesley achieved a significant milestone by earning her Journeyperson Certificate. This marked the beginning of her dream to own her own salon. The dream became a reality in 2005 when Lesley proudly opened Flawless Hair Design. Watching her salon grow and prosper has been a source of immense pride, especially when celebrating their 18th anniversary this fall.

The success of Flawless Hair Design is a testament to the hard work of Lesley’s dedicated team and the unwavering support of their cherished customers, who are the true heart of the salon.

Outside of the salon, Lesley finds solace and joy spending time at the lake with her family and her beloved Doodle. This blend of professional dedication and personal happiness is a testament to Lesley’s balanced and fulfilling life.


Journeyperson Hair Stylist

Andrea, a seasoned journeyman hairstylist who has dedicated a significant part of her life to the world of hairstyling. Her passion and expertise have made her a trusted professional in the industry, she’s been a go-to stylist for almost 20 years.

Outside the salon, Andrea has a full and fulfilling life as a loving wife to her husband, a mother to four wonderful children and her big loyal dog, Penny. Her household is always bustling with activity, and her love for cooking is a central part of her family’s life.

Andrea’s love for sports is just as strong as her love for hairstyling. She’s a dedicated fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, the Toronto Blue Jays, and the Saskatchewan Rough Riders, cheering them on with passion. But it’s not all about the salon and the sports; she also enjoys retreating to the cabin, where the lake life offers relaxation without the need for clocks.

As a hairstylist, Andrea specializes in enhancing or camouflaging gray hair, making her a go-to for those seeking a transformation. She’s a pro when it comes to fashion colors, whether it’s just a hint or a complete overhaul. Her approach to hair color focuses on natural looks with easy grow-out and low maintenance, ensuring her clients always feel confident.

Lastly, Andrea’s love for healthy hair is unwavering. Her dedication to maintaining and improving the health of her clients’ hair is a testament to her commitment to her craft. If you’re seeking a hairstylist who can work wonders with your hair and make you feel your best, Andrea is the one to trust.


Journeyperson Hair Stylist

Cheryl, a devoted artist in the world of hairstyling, discovered her true calling after spending a few years working full-time at a desk. The corporate world wasn’t the place for her; she yearned for something more creative, exciting, and engaging, something that involved creating beauty and connecting with people all day long.

In 2007, she made a bold shift and started her journey in hair school, igniting her career in the hair industry. Cheryl found her home at Flawless and fell in love with Joico, a match that has brought joy to every day of her work life.

Over the years, Cheryl’s dedication to her craft led her to train and work with Joico Canada for a remarkable decade, where she became a color specialist and educator. Her eyes light up with enthusiasm when it comes to creating and maintaining stunning hair color.

Outside of the salon, Cheryl cherishes moments spent with her family at the lake, where she can relish the beauty of the outdoors. In her kitchen, Cheryl embraces creativity where baking becomes another delightful art form.
Cheryl’s journey in the world of hairstyling is a testament to the pursuit of passion and the transformation that can come from following one’s heart.


Journeyperson Hair Stylist

Meet Mariette, a remarkable hairstylist who’s been a valued part of the Flawless team for an impressive 14 years. Time has certainly flown by for her in a profession that she finds incredibly fun and rewarding.

For Mariette, hairstyling isn’t just a job; it’s a passion. The joy she derives from her work comes not only from the art of hairstyling but also from the wonderful people she’s met throughout her journey. She has an enviable track record of connecting with everyone she’s met, except for that one, but we’ll keep that mystery under wraps!

In all seriousness, Mariette’s love for being a hairstylist shines through. Her greatest satisfaction comes from helping people discover the style that makes them feel their absolute best. She has a genuine love for life and all the positivity it brings, though she humorously admits she could do without some of the challenges.

Reflecting on life’s twists and turns, she ponders about how challenges can shape who we are, and she takes it all in stride. Mariette eagerly looks forward to more years of hairstyling, meeting new clients, and spending quality time with the cherished clients she’s collaborated with over the years. Her deep passion for what she does is evident, and she hopes it shows in every haircut and conversation.



Meet Raylene, a passionate hairstylist with a flair for creativity and an unquenchable thirst for hair artistry. Whether it’s crafting a sleek, lengthy blonde masterpiece or daring to go bold with an electric green mullet, Raylene is the go-to expert. With 6 years of professional experience under her belt, she started her journey experimenting with DIY concoctions in her bathroom at an early age.

Since childhood, Raylene has been enamored with all things beauty, and her true joy comes from helping people look and feel their best, whether they’re in her chair or not. She firmly believes that self-expression is vital, and she takes immense pleasure in guiding individuals of all ages on their journey to self-confidence.

Raylene eagerly awaits each new client, ready to transform their hair wishes into reality. With her boundless enthusiasm and talent, she’s not just a hairstylist; she’s a partner in the journey of self-expression and confidence.



Amanda is a talented hairstylist who embarked on her professional journey as a part of the Flawless team in 2022. Her passion for hairstyling was ignited by styling her loving partner and three children’s hair, revealing a hidden talent and a profound love for the craft.

In 2021, Amanda took a significant step by completing her hairstyling diploma, a testament to her dedication to the industry. She thrives in the inspiring environment of the Flawless team, where she’s constantly learning and honing her skills under the guidance of amazing hair mentors.

Amanda’s love for all aspects of hair styling shines through, as she continually challenges herself to master new techniques and achieve her clients’ hair goals. Her enthusiasm for meeting new people and helping them with their unique hair needs is at the heart of her profession. As she works diligently toward becoming a journey person, Amanda’s commitment to the world of hairstyling is evident, and her clients are fortunate to have her as their trusted stylist.



Brae-lyn is a dedicated hairstylist with a passion for making her clients happy. Her expertise extends from crafting stunning blonde and brunette styles to creating captivating dimensional looks. Since joining the Flawless team in 2022, Brae has been committed to delivering exceptional service and leaving her clients with smiles of satisfaction. With her dedication and talent, she’s truly making her mark in the hairstyling world.

From an early age, Brae-lyn has had a natural love for doing hair, not just her own but also her friends’ hair. It quickly became evident that if she could help people feel more confident that this might be the career for her.

Beyond the salon, you can find her enjoying video games, indulging in awful reality shows and spending quality time with her family. Life is a blend of hairstyling and personal enjoyment, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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